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What's going on, freak? It's Andy here at Horror Porn Games. I'm guessing you understand what this place is all about from the title alone, but if you're not too sure: you've stumbled across one of the most fowl and sadistic hubs on the Internet for people who like sex and violence. We're breaking away from the traditional XXX gaming path which promises sunshine, rainbows, lollypops and blowjobs: this is a sick and twisted venture where only the most ruthless and mentally depraved of gamers should dare visit. If you think you've got what it takes to handle yourself at such a destination, it's probably a good idea for you to continue reading and I'll fill you in on all the details associated with my community and what you'll get inside. Just make sure that your therapist is on standby, because some of these games get pretty wild and juicy – you're not going to be able to sleep if you're too much of a lightweight! All of our customers thus far have shown their hesitations with playing our future games, but that's just because they're too weak and frail to imagine what our team has put together. Think you've got what it takes? Then create your account and we'll put that confidence of yours to the test.

A look inside Horror Porn Games

When you sign up to Horror Porn Games, you'll be given immediate access to all of our games without having to waste time downloading the titles or any of that nonsense. We made a decision very early on that we wanted to reach as many people as possible, which is why our games run straight from the browser. So long as your depraved ass has a recently patched version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you're going to be good to go. There's a good chance that other browsers will work just fine, but we cannot promise anything on that front and yeah – your mileage may vary. What we can promise is that regardless of whether you decide to connect to our database through a PC or mobile device, you're going to have an absolutely incredible time with all of the porn games we have available. This area is a prime example of what you can manage to achieve through decent planning and a will to put together a collection of porn games the likes of which very few have seen before. Again: we are focused heavily on sadistic releases with lots of gore, violence, BDSM and associated themes. If you're not capable of dealing with that, you should run off and ask mommy if she can grab you a copy of the Nintendo Wii: you can't handle anything more extreme than that.

Nab free access now

We want to take as many virgin and innocent minds as possible with our gaming collection: this is exactly the reason why we've decided to put together Horror Porn Games as a free to play community. You won't have to part with any money in order to get access here and, second to that, we have no regular requirements for payments in any way whatsoever. Long gone are the days of having to pay up-front for a horror title: we fund our collection through donations, a few adverts (nothing too extreme – unlike our game collection!) and in-game purchases that are entirely optional. I want to stress and make it clear before you get inside that you won't need to buy anything to enjoy or complete our games: nothing is time gated and yeah, you'll just be able to play our releases without any bullshit or nonsense. It was important for us to adopt this approach given the current situation of the gaming industry and we plan to stick to this from now until the end of time. Rest assured that when you sign up to Horror Porn Games for free: it's free for life.

World-class graphical approach

Not all games have to look good in order to be something that people will enjoy, but we certainly believe that this is important when it comes to Horror Porn Games. As a result, I've gone ahead and hired the best 3D renderers, graphical artists and other associated occupations to ensure that you get the best visual quality rendering known to man. This hasn't been cheap or easy, but if you want to put together a database of the most erotic and enjoyable games known to man, why would you want anything less than exactly that? I hope you understand that Horror Porn Games is the very best place around for folks who love XXX gaming bliss: that's because all of our BDMS titles are as juicy visually as they can be! We tend to focus extensively on getting the animations to look as genuine as possible: especially since our games can be pretty rough and wild. You want to motivate people with a good visual display: exactly why the previews you'll see here in the tour are a good example of the steps we've gone to at Horror Porn Games to create a metric ton of visually stimulating bliss. Stop wasting your time with sub-par hubs that don't have that good good in the visual department: Horror Porn Games is all you need!

A wrap on my community

I've had a fantastic time working on Horror Porn Games over the last few years, so it really would be a privilege and an honor to invite you inside so you can see for yourself just what we've been up to. I hope you realize that all of this is motived by one love: the love of hardcore XXX gaming bliss. Never before have we seen a community so hell-bent on destruction and mayhem, so if those sound like erotic traits you'd appreciate from a gaming developer, it makes a lot of sense for you to join us inside Horror Porn Games sooner rather than later. Thanks for your attention: now come on in and enjoy a whole new world of wild, extreme, bizarre and horrific XXX games!

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